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For Every Creative Idea to be Realized—BestSub NEW Laser Creation Engraver & Cutter

Drum roll forBestSubnewly-launched laser engraver and cutter—Laser Creation! Let’s have fun creating with laser!

Our Laser Creation is a multifunctional laser cutter and engraver. It can cut and engrave many materials such wood, bamboo, leather, acrylic, cardboard, and so on, and do precise engraving only on flat items such as slates, ceramic tiles, coated metal sheets, marble coasters and also cylindrical items such as bottles and mugs!

What’s more! It is such an essential machine that can be applied to so many business fields. With this amazing machine, you can craft lots of beautiful home ornaments and daily necessities, design unique personalized gifts, and make impressive promo items! Every creative ideas can be realized by Laser Creation!

Item Name:Desktop Laser Engraver
Item No.:JTLASER5030
Work Table: 500 x 300mm drawer aluminum alloy work table
Dimensions: 850 x 500 x 230mm
Machine Weight: 45kg
Carton Size: 940 x 640 x 355mm
Total Weight: 55kg (including air pump and exhaust fan)
Material & Technique: All-metal molding technique
Laser System: Small high-resolution laser nozzle, focal length adjustable
Resolution: 1000DPI
Laser Source: CO2 laser tube, with catalyst coating, smaller light spot and more stable laser beam
Laser Power: 40W
Lifespan: 4000 hours
Control Panel LCD screen: Works online or offline, multilingual system (including Chinese, English, Russian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, andVietnamese)
X Axis Type: Straight line
Focusing Lens: 15mm
Max. Acceleration: 3g
Max. Engraving Speed: 48000mm/min
Max. Cutting Speed: 300mm/sec for 1mm wood board1
Connection/Transmission: High-speed digital signal processor, USB, Wi-Fi
Compatible Software: AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, and other vector design softwares Compatible System: Windows system
Compatible File Type: DXF, BMP, AI, SVG, JPG
Graphic Layer Design: Multi-layer setting, each layer can be added with different power and speed using master computer software
Laser Control: DSP laser control system and S-type acceleration and deceleration control softwaremake continuous curve cutting andshortest path cutting possible.
Drive System: High-resolution independent drive system
Cooling System: Built-in water cooling system
Exhaust System: Built-in exhaust system and independent dusting system
Air Pump: External small air pump
Safety & Protection: Water-cut system, open-lid shutdown system
Optional Device: Roller device for engraving curved item
Warranty: One-year warranty for the whole machine, six-month warranty for laser tube and exhaust device


1. Leading market by qualified service;
2. Fashionable design with vivid sublimation printing effect;
3. Outstanding as personal gifts and promotional gifts or for commercial use;
4. Decades expertise;
5. One-stop service at BestSub.

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